November 28, 2008

The Quiet Moment

When the table is cleared
and we've had enough,
All the cooks sit down,
put their feet way up.

There's a short short time
when it gets real still.
Of good food and good fun
we have had our fill.

Listen then, you will hear
plump babies on laps,
Snoring uncles, one aunt
by the fire take naps.

Little dog curled up,
big one stretched out,
only whispers and sighs
and not one shout.

It doesn't last long,
but it plays a part.
Its good for the home.
It's good for the heart.

The Quiet Moment!

I hope you all found your quiet moment yesterday.
Happy Holidays

PS, found the poem Here.

November 20, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, it's been a while...give me a break

Anyway...Got a brilliant Christmas idea for you!
My good old friend Kelley MAKES HER OWN BEADS! and has an Etsy store that can hook you all up!
HERE, take a look. She also just joined the blogging world.

The picture above is a sample of her work!

I even have my own pair!

Thanks Kelley! They are beautiful!!!

November 6, 2008

All because I love you Amanda!

A good friend is tired of looking at my black lit

Here's a new picture to look at!

It's Dave and his new Hockey skates!

Seriously...Life is too crazy with the SAME OLD SH*$ to blog! Sorry!

PS - No more penalty box, Dave!

November 4, 2008

Turn off your computer...