September 25, 2008

Funny little story...Or Not!

So... I took my computer in to an 'unnamed' computer fixer team to SIMPLY have more RAM put into it on Friday. In our casual banter I told the 'Geek' (oops) that it didn't run DVDs very well. I paid them upfront and was told it would be about an hour and a half. Great, I'd be back later Friday to pick it up.

Being smart... I called first! 'Geek' told me that he'd popped in a DVD and it still wasn't running it smoothly and that he'd like to download some system patch kit to get me "the latest and greatest of my Windows version". It was going to be another hour and a half.

Being not so smart...I showed up ready for my computer. Nope, not done. The patch kit download didn't go so well so now they wanted to do a system diagnostic test to get to the bottom of it... this is a $79.99 charge...that they were going to wave for me. Great, THANKS! Yet another hour and a half would produce answers to what the delay with DVDs was.

Saturday afternoon came and I'd heard nothing. I called...the diagnostic test proved nothing was wrong with my know that...I just wanted some more RAM. Anyway, now 'Geek' "needed" to wipe the machine clean and reinstall Windows. This is a $129.99 charge that they were going to wave, BUT if I wanted my data I owed them $99.99 to save it. UM...No Thanks. I'm good at backing up my stuff and have my own external hard drive...I'll be right down and do it myself.

This is when ALL FAITH in unnamed computer fixer guys is LOST!!! "Miss (how condescending!!!) I apologize but I've already wiped Windows off your system and unless you know DOS, YOU won't be able to get your data."

RIGHT! After we had words, I took my hard drive down and they waved the $99.99. I'm now at $310 worth of 'free' work done on my already working computer.
This was Saturday night. I just got my computer back Tuesday night. With all the phone calls that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning produced, I was, fairly politely, told that because I was not a paying customer my computer was low priority and that they'd get to it when they could.

So...they jacked up my computer and
because I wasn't paying
I didn't matter!

When I showed to pick it up, the 'Geek' (who was actually very polite all along) offered to pop in another DVD just to check it out. NO WAY! NO THANKS! NOT EVER AGAIN!

September 24, 2008

Haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Last night was 'WAY TOO MUCH FUN!' like that silly rule I mentioned in the previous post! My Sisters...and Kyle went to SYTYCD tour!

It. Was. AMAZING!!!

We laughed our heads off, screamed our heads off and talked our heads off!

So much fun...we NEED to do it again soon...I love you guys!

September 17, 2008

The Too Much Fun Rule

So, my Dad has always had this crazy rule about not letting us have "Too Much" Fun. Silly Rule!
Sorry Dad, this post will disappoint!

In the last week and a half we have done something really fun almost every day! My kids are tired and this quiet week feels really good! PS, CAST comes of Friday!! WooHoo!
Here's what we've been up to!

I told you about the hike...we're going again soon (Dave didn't get to go).

Then we went to the FAIR with a bunch of knuckle heads!!

Later, our school carnival and the canyon with some great friends.
A quick trip to see Spider Man.
And then we happened upon THIS!!!!

Talk about little boy (and Dave) HEAVEN!! Such a fun adventure!
It's like it hasn't sunken in that summer's over. We're playing just as hard as ever! I said, We're all tired and I'm actually hearing my Dad's voice in my head invoking the 'Too Much Fun Rule'!
Don't worry little cowboys are going to bed now!

September 11, 2008

It Is Such a Fun Tradition!

We really have loved doing these movie clip nights! Dave is full of Finnish Blood (for those of you that don't know) so he always brings some cheesy Finnish documentary clip.
I officially uninvited him to post on this can exhale Mom! are mine!
Like my totally fave movie from my past is totally Girls Just Want to have Fun. It is SO tubular!

And since I know you'all totally still want it, you can score it HERE!
Gotta love the theme song on a synthesizer!

My Recent favorite would have to be...

If you haven't seen it...HURRY!

But these days my life is all about...

whether I'm watching it on the screen or watching my boys reenact it!

Thanks Kam...that was fun!

Please fly your flag today!

In honor of September 11th, please fly your flag today in memory of those that fell that day and with respect to our wonderful nation!

I wish I were as eloquent as my friend Heidi! Thank you Heidi for the reminder!

September 8, 2008

Great spot for kids...maybe

Tonight we hiked Ensign Peak. It was a great hike for kids (minus a few cliffs! AAAAAhhhh!)

Too windy for Birdie though!

September 4, 2008

We've got the best neighbors ever!

You may think you do but yours don't hold a candle to mine! Our kids are practically brothers...comfortable enough to just walk into each others kitchens and help themselves... oh wait...that was probably me...sorry Jen!

They have amazing Talents!

And you've gotta love their loyalty!

I'm thankful for those things and so much more because It seems that our kids share a brain some days (well, we're a year behind, but whose counting!)

I'm hoping that Jen will use this mosaic for her Christmas Card this year!

You're wonderin' where they get it?

Like father like sons!

We LOVE you guys!

One of my Favorite things!

Go here if you need some motivation to get yer butt on over there!
You Rock Kam! Still one of my all time favorite posts!

Going in Style on the first day

This was Thatcher's idea on travelin' to school in style for the first day!

And my oh my did he have a great one!

He was reunited with his favorite girl!

September 3, 2008

Every Diva needs a Bib, Right?!?

With both boys gone to school I get tons of 'quality' time with my Bird
(please sleep, please sleep!)

Seriously, she is at my favorite age!

oh yeah, she does tricks close your eyes!