April 29, 2008

Anyone else a FAN?

My boys are totally into Lego's...I love it. Such a great toy! Creative, problem solving, fine motor skill improvement, I could go on and on.

Problem is...I love to play them as much as my boys. Only...I only like to follow the instructions and they are more into "ship building".

Since our trip to Legoland, we have acquired a few assorted kits. I think I am ready for this one...I've heard it's a bugger! 10,143 pieces...WOW. I think I'm +16 years old?

Only downside? an Oral 9 month old about to start crawling!

April 28, 2008

Ugh! and Double Ugh with a great big CRAP on top!

Today Sucks too.
I'm in kid Hell! I love 'em but MAN 'O MAN do I need a little Cafe Rio w/o 'em tonight!

Too many people are telling me to be tougher...I'm not, I'm a ginormous piece of Jello! I need work!

Can't manage my house, kids, life, or emotions apparently!

A not so funny from the weekend...I was doing laundry and saw Thatcher playing right outside the window. I used the blinds adjuster to tap of the out-of-reach window to get his attention. Being three, he thought it was pretty cool to see me through a window. He ran to find something to tap back with...it was the HAMMER!

Gotta go call the Dr. for more Happy pills!


April 25, 2008

Monday, that's WHAT IT IS!

Monday night at 7:00pm...Taylorsville Cafe Rio (they have that lovely little room for us!) Come one come all to a Bloggerhood Reveal!
We'll get some new reads, make some new friends and chat with those we've been reading for months now!

Lovin' it!

Mindi ~ We're just four short hours away...C'mon, you can do it! I have a guest room for you to crash in!
Tib ~ You'd better be callin' away on that sitter thing...OR...bring 'em! I'd love to meet Ethan, Avery, Olivia and Millie!
Ann ~ I'm sorry it didn't work for you this time...next time FOR SURE!!!

April 24, 2008

Cafe Rio...REALLY?!?!?!?

- K - Wait, lots of you just said yes to Cafe Rio...SERIOUSLY...Let's do it again! Can anyone do this Saturday for lunch or Monday night?

C'mon Amanda...points-Schmoints when it's GNO!!!

CRAP! (Totally my favorite 80's word)

The trip let down is in full force - time to clean house again, laundry baskets are full again, need to get groceries again, I drive carpool again, yard needs serious attention again, SNOWING AGAIN?!?!?!
-Tag's teacher told me that his answer to 'How was your trip?' was " Much better than School!"

This whole no binkie crap is just about killing both Thatch and Me!

Dave has been gone all week and just told me that his plane lands at 6pm but his hockey game starts at 9...Double Crap!

Does anyone else ever consider hoppin' into their minivan and tearin' off into the sunset...or is it just me?

April 23, 2008


The ;)Binkie Fairy(; came to our house today and Thatchie is not the least bit happy! She left him a Toob of Astronauts that she KNEW he really wanted but that just didn't cut it! He really misses that darn binkie!

The time had long since come. The poor kid is nearly 4 but I've held onto it through the seizures. Fortunately we have control! FINALLY!

So, I'm in need of some support to get through the next few treacherous days!

Wish me LUCK!

C'mon...Give me your Money!

My friend Tiburon is starting up her contest again for the fourth time! She's amazing, I recall her telling us she has lost 88lbs (probably more since I met her). Check it out, it'd be fun to do with my friends! The more the Merrier!

April 22, 2008

Let's talk Earth Day

I have a question on those reusable grocery sacks...

So many are using them these days, So...What are you lining your garbage cans with? Has anyone found a garbage sack that is environmentally friendly?

Next topic, I loved this post. I want to see Al Gore's house(s), because it should be Covered in solar panels, with One hybrid car and a Huge compost pile in the yard. I too am getting tired of being preached to by those not practicing!

Last, I agree with my mom...It's the Baby Boomers in Menopause that are causing Global Warming! (Good one, Mom!)

They sure know how to keep it light!

So, we really did have a great trip. But, being a Mom, I did lose my cool twice. Both times the boys quickly put me back in the VaCa spirit with the funny things they say!

We were sitting in a sandwich shop for lunch. At this point the picky eating had hit an all time HIGH! (C'mon who doesn't lose it then?!?!) Both boys had ordered Exactly what they wanted and neither were touching it. I'm pretty sure you could hear me coming unhinged! CREEEEEK! Right then Tag looks at me and says
"What if you had 26 kids?"

Then we tried to make Thatcher take a nap...HA, HA! Talk about pressure! All of us sitting around watching him try to sleep. Finally he looks up at me and says "When it's your birthday I'm going to write you a card that says...'Dear Mom, You're Mean!"
We couldn't stop laughing all day!

Back...sorry for the break.

Went to San Diego...a MUCH needed trip! I'll post pics soon! We had way too much fun and got all caught up on rest!

Reality feels good today!

April 10, 2008

Spring is in the AIR!



PS, Too busy to blog - Them are fightin' words, I know!

April 4, 2008

Just to clear a few things Up

Okay, first of all Thank you very much for all the fun birthday wishes and warm-fuzzies with Sprout's passing. It was a good week! I really miss her, I knew I would, 12 doesn't just fade over night!
My birthday was a great day and I really do feel amped for the coming year!

Now, some answers to questions you left.
The Web is strings, yarn, ribbons, shoelaces, etc. It's actually pretty fantastic and worth the trip. The museum is fabulous too, so plan a day if you're in the mood for some culture!

Next, my new tattoo is on the top right side of my back.

As far as my diet, can't believe I'm gonna say this, I want to lose 40 lbs. SHEESH, how'd I get here, Don't know but I'm taking it one day at a time and really focusing on my goal. I've also ordered a tapeworm (per Mindi's suggestion!)

I hope you all have a GREAT WEEKEND!

PS, for a sweet story - head on over here!

April 3, 2008

My Living Nightmare!

12, Yep, TWELVE Three year-olds on a field trip to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Saving Grace: This Really cool interactive exhibit! (We are recreating it in our classroom next week!)

April 2, 2008

When Will I Learn

After school today I took the boys for a Slurpee, good stuff! After, I was Razzin' my kids!

Me: What do you say?

Them: A Hugely insincere "Thaaaannnk Yooouuu"

Me: no, I want a 'Thank you mother DEAR, you are the best mother ever for buying US something on YOUR birthday and we love you soooo much!'

Thatcher: Yes, Thank you mom, cuz you're all puffy and sort of Squishy.

Two things...
1-I got what I deserved!!

Aren't my kids CUTE?!?!?

Just needed to bury that last post!

It's my birthday, too, Yeah!

YEP, It's my birthday! I am a HUGE birthday BABY! It's a real problem I have!
It's weird, this year though, it has been the hardest year of my life and that has made me retrospective today.

From seizures, to new babies, to no babies, to dear friends going through hell, to losing my sweet Sproutie - I am happy to see this year come to a close.
There have been so many days it seemed the world was crumbling around me. Oddly enough, it's you, my fellow bloggers that have been such a huge support!

I feel like corners have been turned, seizures are slowing, BABY is coming, Sprout is at Peace! This is My year! This is the year I take back the control of my happiness, my life, my attitude, my faith! Not to mention my kids, oops!

So, sometimes you need to do something a bit 'out of the box' to feel yourself again, to feel again.

Mom, you might want to look away.

I got myself a birthday present this year...I got a North Star!

The Star represents the 5 people in my little family and it represents strength.
Red is the color of Love.
The black is a reminder that as their Mother it's my job to hold 'em all together, but it's not touching to remind me to let 'em breath, let 'em be.
I'm going to shine this year, I'm going to get my house in order, get my life back together, focus on my children and making them the best they can be. I'm going to get my body back in shape to keep up with my kids and the life I want!
Watch out, I'm on FIRE!

Happy Birthday Edie!

Love sharin' this one with you! Hope your Day is GREAT!