March 29, 2008

Heaven is a tropical island made of waffles and turkey

Today (3/29/08) we had to put my sweet little Sproutie to sleep. She was 112 dog years old and things were slipping fast.

We got Sprout at the Humane Society about 12 years ago. They told us she was 4 years old. The people that brought her in brought 11 other dogs that looked JUST like her. They had dogs that had puppies, that had puppies, that had puppies.. she was probably totally inbred. We brought her home with knotted fur to her paws and chucked her in the tub. Under all that hair was this tiny little Sprout of a dog.

She was such a quirky little mutt. She was absolutely terrified of snowmen, balloons and wrapping paper tubes. She LOVED to lick ears, we hated that! We once left her with our neighbor and her two cats for a weekend. When we returned, Sprout was laying on her back and both cats were preening her belly...She was a lover of all non-dog animals!

Sprout only liked three other dogs: Gus, Scotty and Rukkus. Our next door neighbor recently got 2 Golden Retriever puppies that she Hated! I swear, if she had any teeth left, their dogs wouldn't have faces. She bit them every chance she got, cranky old girl!

We got her when we lived in a little condo. She loved laying in the sun, must have been the arthritis. She scratched a huge hole in the screen to our tiny balcony and would lay out there for hours. One day I came home from work to find Sprout asleep on the couch and a fat, gray pigeon at her food bowl in the kitchen. I sort of freaked which woke Sprout up. The pigeon hopped to the door, through the screen and flew away. Sprout was amazingly comfortable with the whole situation leading me to believe that bird had done this before!

Once we left her with my Mother-in-law while Dave and I left town. She forgot her name and called her Snuffalufagus for a week. Poor Sprout didn't answer to HER name for weeks! For some reason No One could remember her name!

Some of my favorite screw ups were...

Also, everyone thought She was a boy...even the vet today. I guess Sprout isn't the most feminine name, that - and - all dogs are boys and all cats are girls.

Anyway, I could have never asked for a better pet! She was so gentle with all children, so good to me and our family. She went so peacefully, for that I am thankful. I know that her heaven is comfy, really warm and full of waffles. I know that Gus was waiting for her and since turkey was his favorite, I'm sure there are mountains of that on the island as well.

I love you Sprout! I will miss your cold little nose on the back of my leg, constantly needing to step over you (did I mention that she was blind as a bat?) and the way you were always on my lap or any lap you could find! I'm so glad to know you are at peace! Tell Gus 'Hi' from me!

March 27, 2008

The Sign of TRUE Friends

This is my good friend Lisa! She's pretty, isn't she!
She is an amazing person, too! She's a great mom, the kind that's always on the go!
It's weird that 8 months ago we weren't really friends anymore but thanks to blogger (and Kami) we're back to being thick as thieves, and I'm so glad!

Lisa, you are such a good friend! I love that after umpteen years of not really talking it's as if we didn't miss a minute! You are so good at keeping our GNO's going! Thanks for including me on your adventures! I am so lucky to have a friend like you! (okay, We love Mark and the boys too!)

March 26, 2008

Things to Love this Week~

This week I love...

Yard work
watching the beautiful things in my yard start to bloom
The HUGE Maple in my yard
my vacuum
GNO with my H.S. friends tonight...YAHOO!

(Sorry for the blog-lift, Lisa!)

March 25, 2008

A good should do it too!

I love playing with Tiburon! She's just so fun and clever. Anyway, she started a favorite things post!

It's fun, you should play too!

My favorite things are my hands!

I don't have these little, feminine, slim and silky hands! I got myself some 'Man Hands'! They are unfortunately huge! They crack all the time and if I ever have to wear pantyhose again...they'll snag For SURE!

But they are SO useful! They're strong and soft, firm but soothing. I am so Thankful for my hands!

March 24, 2008

Here Comes Freaky-Scary Peter Cotton Tail

Okay, my kids SERIOUSLY think that THIS is what was in our house this weekend!
I'm shocked we didn't have any nightmares last night!

March 21, 2008

Little Do They Know...

The Lessons...
The Practicing...
The Nagging...
The Lost Play Time...

The Better Grades...
The Stronger Connections in their Brains...
The Ability to Play anything they Hear (I hope)...
The Woo-ing of the opposite sex (or their parents)...

Like Father like Sons

Today Dave's car broke down...AT PepBoys! Weird! Anyway, while we waited with him the boys picked out their birthday presents...

Start Savin', Dudes!

March 17, 2008

Some of my Earliest Memories...

Are of this dress! It's a pink dress with a little floral apron over it. I remember wearing it A LOT...Together -or- just the dress -or- just the apron (oops, it only snaps up top on the back).

I would have liked to save it for my daughter but I'm sure I wore it's pale pink threads bare!

yea, yea-great picture! the Hair, the bunny cake, the country bumpkin home decor!
PS - So sad to tell you we STILL use that kitchen table for Sunday dinner every week...
Hello - It's been like 17 years, Mom! Time for a new table!

okay, I 'Tag' Mindi, Carly, Holly and Melissa, oh...YOU TOO, Brooke! Show me your favorite old Dress!

March 16, 2008

Yipee, this is 100 for me...

Here's my Day in the Life Post!


Hope you all have a great day!

March 13, 2008

Funniest Thing I've seen in a Long Time!

Thanks Kami's sidebar, for the endless great links! Today is no exception!
Please go here if you need a quick pick me up!


Things to love this week

Field Trips
Good, LOUD Music
The Rain!
Alright, those gorgeous days too

Dinner time! It's my 'exhale moment'. It's when I get to sit down, just me and my 3 sweet kids, talkin' about our day, our favorite things, our future plans (all the way to tomorrow!) or anything else that strikes our fancy! I LOVE Dinner time!

March 11, 2008

Strength of Character

So, Epilepsy. Right? It SUCKS!

My little Thatch-man has been so great through all of this! Let's face it, he is my stinker. At home he is a challenging child. It's totally enhanced by his medications, but he has a mind of his own and ain't no one tellin' him how it is!

Today we went for one of his many blood draws, he calls them - blood shots-. He is such an amazing little sh*# when were there! He sits so still and expresses his nerves but gets through it really great and really quick! He has totally risen to the occasion every time we've needed him to!
I am so proud of him and his inner strength. It's weird but I think he's being strong for me!
He's amazing

ps, if, and I really hope not, you ever need any sort of lab work done on your child - Primary's Lab is THE only place to go! Today one of them put a ball on his head and found a pink baton. Then he put on a whole little "Dark Thader" show for us. Their prizes are huge, too!

Quite the romantic!

Tag, as you may know by now, LOVES he Ladies!
There was Melanie. He was so impressed that she knows English AND Spanish.
Whitney is the girl next door, literally. I don't think he'll ever out grow liking her!
Megan and Tag have been playing kissing tag since the beginning of February. Despite being asked to stop several times by their teacher.

Last Friday, I got called in by said teacher. She told me has been getting tickled by Lola! Which of course meant he needed to return the affection, um, 3 fold! She had to have the whole "hands to ourselves, personal space" discussion with him!
Anyway, this morning as we watched an Amazing sunrise from our breakfast table, Tag said "I wish Lola could watch this with me!"
Pretty sure I'm lockin' him up all through his teenage years!

March 10, 2008

Thank you Holly!

Thank you Holly for showing me, well, so many cool blogs! My most favorite, recent post of yours introduced me to Likely Classroom! This Mom is amazing! So many great, totally reasonable ideas! Go Get 'Em

March 9, 2008

It's a WEEK of Daylight Savings

I don't know why it ALWAYS takes me and mine a full week to sink into a ONE hour change!? Today I did my best at wearin' 'em out early! Did no good! I was braggin' that I have an iron clad bedtime routine...It's OuT tHe WiNdOw this week!

Crap, I was gonna try to get all my spring cleaning done this week! WISH ME LUCK!

Don't we all Just love Giveaways?!?!?

One of my bloggin' friends (and someone I've actually met) has reached her 500th, yes that's 5-0-0 post and she's doing a great drawing! Go check it out!

March 7, 2008

Bapa-Tee, so lucky are We!

It's my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Let's talk about him.

My Dad is the most consistent person I know.
He's deliberate, considerate and still worries about his grown up kids!
He's been given great responsibilities in his life both in business and his service rolls.

He is a creature of habit and he has a quirky sense of humor.
My Dad is a wonderful hug giver and I'm glad to have learned that from him!

His favorite thing is CARS: shopping for them, maintaining them, looking at them, etc.
This board lives in his "Man Room"!

Thanks for the love, example and wisdom, Dad!
We Sure Love you! Hope your day is Great!

March 6, 2008

The Super Amazing Tally-Bird

My amazing little girl is saying her first word...Ready?

Okay, so I helped a little.
Since I'm showing her off, here is another one of her amazing talents!

March 5, 2008

Things to Love this week

My spring flowers are coming up!
Cereal for breakfast
Good, patient TEACHERS
Iron-clad bedtime routine
My bed
The sound of Tag reading
Clorox wipes!

March 3, 2008

Hey, I got nothin'

If you're happy and you know about nothing,
If you're happy and you know about everything
If you're happy and you know it, your blog will really show it...
If you're happy and you know it keep on bloggin'!