March 11, 2008

Quite the romantic!

Tag, as you may know by now, LOVES he Ladies!
There was Melanie. He was so impressed that she knows English AND Spanish.
Whitney is the girl next door, literally. I don't think he'll ever out grow liking her!
Megan and Tag have been playing kissing tag since the beginning of February. Despite being asked to stop several times by their teacher.

Last Friday, I got called in by said teacher. She told me has been getting tickled by Lola! Which of course meant he needed to return the affection, um, 3 fold! She had to have the whole "hands to ourselves, personal space" discussion with him!
Anyway, this morning as we watched an Amazing sunrise from our breakfast table, Tag said "I wish Lola could watch this with me!"
Pretty sure I'm lockin' him up all through his teenage years!


Andrea W. said...

LOL, that is hilarious! What a casanova!

Debbie said...

On Sunday when I saw Sam hit Avery, I said, "Oh - we never hit girls."
And Tag said "You can hit girls, Megan hits me and I hit Megan."

The joys of child rearing!

Shauna said...

What a cool mosaic. Taggie is such a cute kid but I think he and Olivia need to be locked up during teenage years.

Lisa Cannon said...

Lock him up and throw away the key! Kidding. He is so dang cute. That just goes along with what I said in my last post - boys always chasing girls.

They love us, what can we say!

julib said...

My 6 year old Emma has had a little crush on a boy name Paul all year. The other day she said, "Paul is the dream of the dream." Yuck!

Kami said...

That is so something Taggy would say, I love it. Thatcher on the other hand, might want to Bamm her. ;)

P.S. Love the mosaic!

Mindi said...

it's always good to know what the ladies like, even at a young are SO in for it!