March 5, 2008

Things to Love this week

My spring flowers are coming up!
Cereal for breakfast
Good, patient TEACHERS
Iron-clad bedtime routine
My bed
The sound of Tag reading
Clorox wipes!


Tiburon said...

Tell me that is not your bed.

Mindi said...

i love clorox wipes more than life itself. legit.

Debbie said...

Yes, that is Becky's bed before the kids eat their chocolate chip cookies and fish crackers on it while reading books and watching
"Cars" on the TV. Her fibbin' Mom

Kami said...

Mom's blog is something to love this week - she is funny! I love your new bed, so deluxe! ;)

Lisa Cannon said...

I'm glad things are better - no sickies! I too am in love with your new bed. I heart my bed, too. It is often hard to remove it from my back in the mornings I love it so much!

100 Percent Cottam said...

great list! and mom is always on my list, too! :)

Pedaling said...

cerial for breakfast. yes! i would rather have that than anything else.
iron clad bed time - how'd you manage that one?

Suzie said...

oh yeah.
Those are good things to love.

amanda said...

I have fallen in love with cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner lately.
Is that really your bed? If so I need to see the rest of your house.

The Gatherum Family said...

I love my bed too, and my mom ;) I don't however love that we are all coming down with colds this week :( Anyways, I DO love your "things to love" lists!