October 30, 2007

The Finnish Corner

I just thought I would share this picture, definitely one of my favorites. As a buddy of mine once said to me, "the thought of us actually being parents is completely absurd. Really, there should have been a test to pass, a class to attend or a permit to obtain (via application)". However, there are those moments when my kids reach out a helping hand, or offer up the simplest of things, a hug or words of encouragement (to each other). And, then, I know something is going right! (I just wish I knew what it was)

It's probably that they are 25% Finnish!

But, then I quickly realize, that my child landed on the rock that I told him to jump from!

And, it all makes sense again, they are their own person! Save it the 25% Finnish in them, that is just Sisu baby!


Debbie said...

Dave, they are such cute little brothers and it might be because they are 25% Finns!

Kami said...

25% Finn? I think that Thatcher is 100% Boy oh boy!