October 29, 2007

The world can't run on the right brained alone!

Being my first Post and a first timer (although, I am a closet Blog stalker!), I'd like to give the disclaimer that I am one of the least creative people I know. BUT, the world can't run on the right brained alone. It, for some unknown reason, requires the no-brained as well! Most of you checking out my Blog will see Kami's too and I just felt the need to let myself off the hook!

WHATEVER...on to the post!

Seems like when things get tough I tend to turn inward, really lean on that trusty support circle we've hopefully all got on those rainy days... or months. Thank goodness mine is so strong!
Thank you Dave, Tag, Thatcher and Tally for putting up with me. Good days are a comin'.
Next is you, Mom. I don't have the words!
And my sisters: Shauna, Kami and Karolyn. With plenty on your own plates, you all stepped up for me when I needed you!
My friends...Whoa, some of the best! Thanks Kim, Jen, Aimee, Edie and the rest for the hours and hours of phone calls and offers! Hope I'm as good a friend as the ones I have!

Enough! Because that's just... WHAT IT IS!


Kami said...

Yay - My Sister has a blog! On now to Shauna, and maybe T.R. although I am a little worried what that one will be like (Gauntlet of Gigorria??) You know what I am talking about

Heidi said...

Yippee! I knew we'd get you at some point... ;)


Lisa Cannon said...

Yeah, finally you lurker!!! I'm so happy to add you to my blog!!! See you tomorrow at 10:00. Email me your cell number...

Debbie said...

Becky, I am very impressed. Beck, we all are behind you. This will be fun. Mom

Beach Girl said...


I am so glad you started your own blog! It is a neat way to keep in touch. I have found that it brings a little joy and excitement into my own life; I hope it will for you too. Being a stay-at-home mom is the most important job, but the most challenging job in the whole world. I really look up to you for all that you do for your children! I am so glad that we have gotten back in touch, I sure missed you! 