October 31, 2007

Bird is the Word

I'm not really a baby person. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my kids but lets get on to the family bike ride days, the no more nap days. You get it. That being said I'd like to hypocritically list my faves about my sweet new baby.

1- when she feels sorry for herself, it absolutely melts me. She curls her little lips down and says "Maa". Ooh!

2- the sweet smell of her soft little black furry head. She's my first baby to have hair and I Love it!

3- It's bitter sweet but I am the only one who can calm her.

4- They way her rough and tumble and tumble... AND tumble brothers are so sweet with her. Don't know if it's because she's a girl or a baby but they love her!

5- I love the way my arms miss her when I'm not holding her.

6- I love the first little babblings that are coming out of her!

7- the way she so femininely wears her blue cowboy jammies handed down from her brother.
okay, enough. I love my kids!


Kami said...

That is the cutest picture of her, she is so sweet.

Debbie said...

When Princess Fussy-pants smiles, it is the cutest thing. Mom

amanda said...

Aly is the same age and she is just getting so fun. I'm not a huge fan of the newborn stage but I love when they turn 3 months and can smile and giggle. She is so cute. Three is quite the handfull. Does is get any easier???