January 24, 2008

101 Things

Random Facts
1. I can't 'comment' and talk on the phone at the same time.
2. I have three kids: Tag, Thatcher and Talia
3. I gave all my kids "T" names, my grandma did it and we copied.
4. I have had EVERY job under the sun, just about! (now, that's another post!)
5. I Suck at bloggin'
6. I am a good gift giver
7. I have horrible spelling
8. I'm tired
9. I hid in my room from mid '86 to mid '88 (fun teenage years!)
10. I have a son with Epilepsy
11. CTR is my initials backwards
12. Dave is such a good example to me
13. I am a Morning Person
14. I enjoy grocery shopping...even with my kids
15. I'm too young to have been married for 12 years!
16. Firm believer that everything has it's place
17. I am a great singer...alone in my car...with the radio cranked up louder than my voice
18. I actually don't mind driving a mini-van
19. I get horrible nervous giggles, runs in the family
20. I haven't framed any pictures of my baby yet...bad mom, I know!
21. I have sort of a mean sense of humor

22. Dave
23. My kids
24. My Family
25. My friends
26. You!
27. My poochie
28. My cozy little house
29. cotton candy
30. cookies fresh from the oven
31. cookie dough
32. kaleidoscopes
33. collecting things
34. good food
35. eating out
36. sitting in the shower (my thinking place)
37. the smell of my sweet kids right out of the tub
38. the smell of Dave
39. the smell of Rain
40. Rain
41. rainy days with nothing to do
42. Rain boots
43. empty laundry baskets
44. bloggin'
45. blog stalkin'
46. polished toes
47. bare feet
48. my tattoo
49. Going to concerts, especially the BareNaked Ladies
50. BareNaked Ladies (they deserved their own slot)
51. Getting mail, even if it's junk
52. My birthday
53. my kids birthdays
54. Purple
55. Super Nanny
56. The power of prayer
57. My kids laughter
58. Having friends over for lunch
59. YOGA
60. Movies in the theater
61. Musicals
62. Whitefish Lake, Montana
63. Hand-Me-Downs
64. Playing games; board or computer
65. That my 'Loves' list is longer than my 'Hates' list

66. Inversion
67. Scary movies
68. When my cell phone battery runs out
69. Hair hanging in my face
70. A messy purse
71. Emptying the dishwasher
72. Epilepsy
73. Ironing
74. My love of good food
75. Painy legs
76. My man hands, yep
77. When my clean floors only last 10 minutes (see number 2)
78. Having my picture taken
79. Confrontation

80. To be a nurse
81. To have a better memory
82. To have ALL my pictures magically organized in cute books
83. healthy happy kids that never fight with me or each other
84. Lots of babies for Kam and Kyle
85. A place to display my kaleidoscopes
86. better self esteem
87. this body
88. Like... 100 more square feet in my kitchen
89. Some sort of style...I got none!
90. To go back to Budapest, Hungary
91. To be a better mom
92. To be a better Wife
93. To be a better Friend
94. To be a Better Blogger!
95. To be a better Camper (Help Darby!)
96. To watch the sunrise from a mountain top
(I'm so doing that this spring, anyone wanna come?)
97. To somehow repay my Mom for ALWAYS being there
98. To somehow repay Karolyn for being my Go-To person
99. For more exercise
100. For one whole night's sleep

101. That you'll do this too, if you already haven't!

Thanks, Kam, that WAS fun!


Lisa Cannon said...

I'll come camping to see the sunrise - as long as there aren't any bears!!! I loved your 100 post!!! You are such a fun, good friend and am so glad that we've been friends for so long. We need to get together, my kids are off track so let's plan something that everyone can come to again!

Kami said...

Wow, I am impressed, you are fast. My list took forever.

I disagree with #5.
I am jealous of #13.
I also love #'s 22-26,44,59,62.
I also hate #67 and 72.
I am excited about #80, and #84 was so nice. Thank you.

I am glad you played, you blogger you.

The Gatherum Family said...

Such a great list Becky. You are a great person (from the little bit I know) and I have to say that we have a lot of things in common. I'm gonna do this now...well, not RIGHT now cuz it's 3:53 a.m. gotta love that late night/early morning heart-burn eh?
P.S. I'm in for watching the sunrise, let's do it this spring. And I agree with Lisa, let's set up another playdate, that was fun.

Tiffany said...

I love how you broke this up into sections. And it always amazes me how much we have in common! I sit in the shower, too! I also love BNL and I wish you a

(And you are a great blogger, by the way!)

rachel said...

Hi Beck, I love how you organized your list! I am so glad to get to know you better. I would love to go up to a mountain top with ya, let me know when that is going down.

Andrea W. said...

What a great post except for #5, you're like the queen of blogging!

amanda said...

I like how you categorized that. I have a lot of the same wishes, likes, and dislikes. That was fun to read. Count me in on watching the sun rise. I'd love to.

Debbie said...

Becky, You are still in trouble about the tattoo, young married lady!
And when I told Janet you wished you would be a nurse, she said, "You go girl, you can do it!"
See you soon. Mom

100 Percent Cottam said...

what a fun list! i like what you've done with the likes/dislikes, etc. very smart.