February 29, 2008

Hooray for 'Movie Night'

Thatcher is really into "Dark Thader". His obsession began when our next door neighbor came over in full costume, right down to the voice changer helmet! At first it scared the pants of the poor kid but his fear quickly turned to fascination.

We've made the analogy of this last med of his and 'The Force'. On it he turns to the dark side and now off it, he's back to his sweet little self!

Tonight we've decided to watch the first Star Wars movie! It's completely out of their league, not being a Disney cartoon and all, but they can hardly contain themselves!

Bring on the bad dreams?!?
(ps, It was fun to look for that picture. I found hundreds of blah-blah-blogs devoted just to HIM! Hey, whatever floats your boat!)


Lisa Cannon said...

Welcome to my world. For a while there that was all my boys talked/though about!!

Kami said...

people are Kookoo for Star Wars!

Good luck tonight - May the force be with you! :)

Debbie said...

Have we finally convinced Thatcher that Dark Thader is a bad guy?? Remember Trae's collection of "Death Star" spaceships in his garage? He said they were going to be his retirement.