February 16, 2008

I'm CooCoo for Kid's Books

I love giving kids' books at babyshowers. I attended one in January and some of the other moms asked about my favorites. Now, for those of you that don't know...my mom is a Librarian in an elementary school (Such a Cool Job...Right?!?) She has given me tons of suggestions. Then I went on a Caldecott kick, found tons more great books. Now I know my favorite authors and illustrators and we have our favorites around here.

I thought I'd share them and I would LOVE to hear yours!


Mark Buehner is one of my All Time Favorite Illustrators! We have all of his books, my favorites being "Taxi Dog"! You've all probably heard of "Snowmen At Night", he and his wife Carolyn did that one together!
I love all of Audrey Wood! "Napping House" is Thatcher's current favorite book, you know the one we read about 16 times a day!
We also really like the Mo Willems books! He was a writer for Sesame Street and his books are a real kick! He's fairly new on the scene! Oh, and he has a GREAT Blog.

One of My favorite books is "The Man Who Walked Between the Towers". It's a true story and is reminiscent of the Twin Towers. Tag "Read" it to a 6th grade class at my mom's school when he was two! It was priceless!

Anyway, I'd love some of your ideas here..what are your kids reading and what do you like. Tag is outgrowing what we've got and I would love some suggestions for short chapter books that he can read as well as some chapter books for me to read to them!


Kami said...

We get all our good ones from you! It will be fun to see what people say here. Good Idea!

Lisa Cannon said...

I love the David books - they remind me of my little monkeys. Knuffle Bunny (I noticed they had a new one the other day at B & N), Alice the Fairy, Walter the Farting Dog (all of those-your kids would love), Olivia, Giggle Giggle Quack, Duck on a Bike, Duck for President, Spotty, Frank was a Monster who wanted to Dance, How I Became a Pirate, How the B-52 Cockroach Learned to Fly, Runny Babbit, Enemy Pie - to name a few. I love BOOKS! Now, Will and Ben are on to chapter books. We have SOOOOOO many books.

Lisa Cannon said...

The Taxi Dog book looks great, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Debbie said...

My favorite right now is "Tooth Fairy's First Night" by Anne Bowen.

So very cute.

Anonymous said...

Our favorite is "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" We love Mo Willems. Great post Beck!

Suzie said...

I LOVE this post and can't wait to read all the comments. I have lots of favorites so I'll be thinking.

I'll be back.

Brooke said...

Good idea for a post. Thanks for the ideas. I have a hard time thinking of ideas of books for my kids. What a great resource your mom must be! I think I'll give Ashley a call this week. My email address is brooke@clover-design.com. Let me know what day might be good for you to get together.

The Gatherum Family said...

Have you tried the Magic Tree-House Series? They are beginning chapter books and are really fun. We read a few chapters each night before bed. My kids also love the If you give a mouse a cookie...series..those are really fun. I too love books! Thanks for some other great ideas!

Suzie said...

a few of my faves:

The Moffats by Eleanor Estes (a chapter book)
Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey
Fancy Nancy
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
The 100 Dresses (small chapter book)
Anything Richard Scary, Don & Audrey Wood, Beverly Cleary, Dr Suess,

I could go on and on. We truly love childrens books. I say we cuz my hubby loves them the most. In fact he collects them. Currently he has over 5000 kids books.

Pedaling said...

those look so fun - i will have to add them to our library collection. thanks!

Becky, yep said...

Suzie, sounds like you should have done this post! I hope you do, infact!

rachel said...

I just recently introduced Micah to the Beverly Cleary books: Ribsy, Henry & Ribsy, Ralph S. Mouse, etc. He loves them. I love the classics: James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Choc. Factory, Charlottes Web....any of those would be great for you to read to your boys & depending on Tag's reading level, he could prob handle the Cleary books :) I LOVE BOOKS too!

Becky said...

Hey, another Becky. Gotta put you in my Becky folder in my feeder. (Yeah, I'm a dork.)

Andrea W. said...

What a great idea, Becky and you really know your stuff! I wish I was more organized and would have kept a list of the great ones we borrow from the library, but oh well. Here's what I do know:

I second "Fancy Nancy" and "Alice the Fairy". My girls have loved those.

Some of our favs are:

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night
Skippyjon Jones (really fun to read aloud, cracks my 4 yr. old up)
Love You Forever (kind of sappy, but gets me every time!)
Herd of Cows! Flock of Sheep!

For older girls, my girls have LOVED the American Girl books. They're great because many are on the AR lists for school and they are historical fiction so they really learn alot about different historical eras.

Also, I read "Where the Red Fern Grows" to my 6 & 9 yr olds and though I was a blubbering mess by the end, they really enjoyed it and stayed totally with it. Right now we're reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and they're really liking that.

I'd love more suggestions for bigger books to read to older kids!!

Please forgive my neverending comment!

Andrea W. said...

I know you wouldn't think there was anything else to say, but I thought of one more series for older girls, the Little House/Laura Ingalls Wilder series are wonderful!

patrick & carly said...

Cool stuff! I love children's books! Those might be a few I need to add to the collection!

Mindi said...

i just discovered you thru your neice, avery--then i read your profile and saw that good will hunting was one of your fav movies and now i think we should be bff's....
my love of my life christmas book is "santa calls"--can't remember the author, but the story is written in such a unique way and the illustrations are to die for. my OLDER kids as well as younger asked me to read "the miraculous journey of edward tulane" again as soon as we finished.

Holly O. said...

I love the David Shannon books. All of them! The David series because I see my future with two little boys in those books. And Alice the Fairy, because I see me in her! Not really, you get the drift. I'm CooCoo for kid's books too. More so than my kids!