April 2, 2008

It's my birthday, too, Yeah!

YEP, It's my birthday! I am a HUGE birthday BABY! It's a real problem I have!
It's weird, this year though, it has been the hardest year of my life and that has made me retrospective today.

From seizures, to new babies, to no babies, to dear friends going through hell, to losing my sweet Sproutie - I am happy to see this year come to a close.
There have been so many days it seemed the world was crumbling around me. Oddly enough, it's you, my fellow bloggers that have been such a huge support!

I feel like corners have been turned, seizures are slowing, BABY is coming, Sprout is at Peace! This is My year! This is the year I take back the control of my happiness, my life, my attitude, my faith! Not to mention my kids, oops!

So, sometimes you need to do something a bit 'out of the box' to feel yourself again, to feel again.

Mom, you might want to look away.

I got myself a birthday present this year...I got a North Star!

The Star represents the 5 people in my little family and it represents strength.
Red is the color of Love.
The black is a reminder that as their Mother it's my job to hold 'em all together, but it's not touching to remind me to let 'em breath, let 'em be.
I'm going to shine this year, I'm going to get my house in order, get my life back together, focus on my children and making them the best they can be. I'm going to get my body back in shape to keep up with my kids and the life I want!
Watch out, I'm on FIRE!


Lisa Cannon said...

Uh Oh, have you told your mom yet about the tatoo, or is this the first time?

You have had a hard year and hopefully this new year will be a great year! You deserve it!!

I hope that you have a great day and have fun at dinner tonight! Eat some mizithra (sp) for me tonight!!!

Tiburon said...

Fan-freakin-tastic! Sounds like you have some great plans for the year.
Love the tattoo! (sssshhhh I have one too...)


patrick & carly said...

Hey...I didn't know it was your birthday! I would have sent you card. At least I think I still have your address. Regardless, I hope you have a beautitul day...and year. I didn't know this past year was so difficult. There is so much for me to learn still:) Props on the meaningful tatoo and doing something just for you!

Hey...will you be driving down to San Diego and possibly passing through SG??? I know it's a long shot, but in case In-n-Out is open maybe I could persuade you to stop for a quick bite...;)

Holly O. said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Here's to a fantastic year! And where is your tat? I like to act cool (I am so not).

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday! I love putting years like that behind. I love your vision for a new year. And your special symbol is so great. I love the part about holding them safe, but letting 'em breathe.

Here's to a great year!

Nimmy said...

Happy Birthday, Becky! Is that your first tatoo?

100 Percent Cottam said...

happy birthday to you, you cutie pie!!! here's hoping this year is the happiest one yet!

Heidi said...

A happy happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday to you!!!

The Dows - Party of Five said...

Don't you dare bury this post!

Read it everyday and remember what you have, what you've learned and been through and most importantly ... WHAT YOU WANT! Surviving stuff makes you laser sharp and focused. You are clear on what really matters to you. Not everytime of your life is like that - take advantage of the emotions that are propelling you. Go for it Beck - you are capable of all that and more. What's more you are an amazing person (you inspire me to be better everytime I'm around you). So, you just become the best you dream to be in all those areas, but know that you are not lacking at all as you are right now - you're AMAZING!

Happy Birthday Beck & I love the tatoo (did you say where you put it?)

Suzie said...

I can feel it. it is SO your year.
Happy Day!!

amanda said...

You go girl. No better a time than right now. You make this year better by controlling only what you can leave the rest to us bloggers to get you through.
A happy happy birthday to you!!!

Tiina said...

You go girl! Happy Birthday! Cheers to a great year! Sure love you!

Kami said...

Happy Birthday once again. Here's to a new year and a Tat on your Rear? ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope your motivation will motivate me. Hope you had a great day Beek. You are one strong person and your three little kids are dang lucky to have you for their mommy. (Naughty on the Tattoo!)

Pedaling said...

you go girl- not so sure about the tattoo, but hey, whatever suits your fancy! I hope you have a wonderful year and with this invigorated attitude i know that you will.
hey, come diet with me, i been eating celery sticks, veggies of all sorts, chicken and a bit of unsweetened no fat yogurt once a day for a treat-oh and 8 saltines a day- and that's pretty much it...really, but it's working.
you look great, though, and all moms should have a bit of squish on them!

Beach Girl said...

I love the tattoo, you've been talking about getting that for a while now. This will be your year! I sure love you. Thanks for being my firend.

Mindi said...

aaaawwwwhhh- i've wanted to join the tattoo club forever but are just too chicken to do it--i'm posting something about tattoos tomorrow and you are gonna be gettin a shout out--yay for you!

Andrea W. said...

Yay for a new year! Happy Birthday!!!

Kris said...

Good Luck! I hope this year is a great one for you! Hope you had a great birthday.

martins said...

Sprout is no longer with us??? I still think his name was Sprig. Well, he is in heaven with Trode and as Tyler Benvenga said when one of his dogs died, "At least he is with Dale Ernhardt". (the car racer)