April 22, 2008

They sure know how to keep it light!

So, we really did have a great trip. But, being a Mom, I did lose my cool twice. Both times the boys quickly put me back in the VaCa spirit with the funny things they say!

We were sitting in a sandwich shop for lunch. At this point the picky eating had hit an all time HIGH! (C'mon who doesn't lose it then?!?!) Both boys had ordered Exactly what they wanted and neither were touching it. I'm pretty sure you could hear me coming unhinged! CREEEEEK! Right then Tag looks at me and says
"What if you had 26 kids?"

Then we tried to make Thatcher take a nap...HA, HA! Talk about pressure! All of us sitting around watching him try to sleep. Finally he looks up at me and says "When it's your birthday I'm going to write you a card that says...'Dear Mom, You're Mean!"
We couldn't stop laughing all day!


Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are so awesome.

Lisa Cannon said...

Too funny! The other day my vteachers were over and I couldn't get will to leave us alone. He loves to listen to everything I say. Well, I was giving him a hard time about it in front of them, and he said, "I love to listen to my mom on the phone, she always swears!" Nice. Kids say the greatest things!

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

That's hilarious! I am cracking up!! I love how kids speak their minds so freely. They just tell you how they REALLY feel!! Thanks for a good laugh :) Your kids are cute!

rachel said...

so funny! You're boys crack me up :)

Mindi said...

they push and push and push and then, just at the moment we are gonna start processing the adoption (as in, somebody please adopt them from me) papers, they say something sweet that just sucks us right back in!!
glad you aren't hacked up in the drywall....;)

Kami said...

I love your boys! So Funny! Can you only imagine 26 kids, what the heck?!

P.S. Still hoping for a boat load of family fun pics of your trip.

C'mon, pleeease.