June 20, 2008

Tag? Wait, that's my son's name!

I wrote Tag's name inside his jacket for kindergarten and one of his classmates asked the teacher why she labeled the tag? We had a good chuckle...just one of many jokes - with that name, I'm sure! Good thing he's tough (and so's his brother...two against one! HE HE)

So, the Tag (thanks Arianne!) The rules are... Post these rules on your blog: List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions/Collections, and 3 Random surprises about yourself. Tag five people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

1-Night time
3-Good Music!

1- Never feeling comfortable in my own skin
2- my children's safety
3- disappointing my children

1- To raise courteous, aware Men
2- to raise a Strong, independent Daughter
3- to one day have my pre-baby body back

Current Collections/obsessions
1- Kaleidoscopes, kaleidoscopes and more kaleidoscopes
2- Trying to slow down my life...time is a flyin'!
3- So You Think You Can Dance -- -- --LOVE IT!!!

Random Surprises
1- I am completely average...height, weight, level of school finished, amount of kids, years married, hair color, average, average, average - SURPRISE!?!?!?!
2- I still wear my retainer at nights.
3- I've had nearly EVERY job under the sun!

There you go...More than you ever wanted to know about me. Now, I'd like to hear from Lisa, Andrea, Anne, Debbie (Mom) and Shauna.


Edie said...

I have to say I am impressed with the retainer, and jealous at the same time. My teeth are moving! I thought I knew everything about you, but fun to read all the 3's! Here is to a 3 day weekend! Only for some of us who work 4 -10's!

Mindi said...

i love that you are trying to raise courteous, aware men: there are few good men left, so i'm glad you are working on the next gen.

good stuff

Anners said...

Okay, Beck I'll do it on my blog.

But, I have one thing to say . . . you are anything but average - you are FABULOUS! And the comfortable in your own skin thing I hear happens in your 40's, I feel that same insecurity at times too.

p.s. I love Tag's name - it is so great on so many levels.

rachel said...

I love that you still wear your retainer...so are soooo FUN (more than average :)

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

You are too sweet! It's great that you are so concerned with your kiddos and the way they turn out! You're a great mom! I would love to see the kaleidescope collection. I never would have thought to collect those. The only ones I have seen are the old cardboard tube ones. Do they make cooler ones?

Andrea W. said...

Fun tag! I'll be thinking.

Shauna said...

Great post, I am not sure if you ever feel comfortable in your own skin because you always feel like a 20 year old and then you look in the mirror.

Omgirl said...

Thanks for playing, Becky! I love that you are conscious of how you're raising your boys. I really want to raise courteous boys too. There are so many worthless boys in today's world that will will take really conscious moms to raise good, kind, courteous, ambitious boys. Good for you!

Lisa Cannon said...

Great post! You are such a great person. I'll get to mine tonight, I promise. Wait, I didn't think you did tags?

April said...

Cute post, I think I am like you on the average thing! I wish I could've developed more talents when I was younger... not that it's too late, now there just isn't enough time in the day!
Your comment was cute on my blog... it really must be in the name! I still think our Thatchers should meet sometime, don't two naughty boys make one amazing boy, like two wrongs making a right??
I like the name Tag. Mat fought and fought to name Luke Tag instead, but he brought it up kind of at the last minute and I didn't have time to let in grow on me.
I'm jealous you've seen sex and the city... I have yet to see it, was it all you expected and more?

Suzie said...

I love learning more about a sister in the sister blog posse.

I loved your take on you being average. Because when I think of you, I think above average.
On so many levels.

(I love your son's name BTW!)

julib said...

I love this "Tag". Can I do it, even though I wasn't tagged? I love silence, but in the morning is better than night for me.

amanda said...

I too am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. I love DVR that allows me to watch it.