June 28, 2008

Today's Funnies

Two funny things happened today...well maybe just to me!

My sweet husband did SO much today...really - he was a HUGE help! It all ended with him doing dinner! (Which he NEVER does! Really so nice!)
He ran to the grocery store and then, when it was ready, he called us all to the table. He had fixed steaks, hot dogs and tilapia. So we had steak with a side of hot dog and fish...or Surf, Turf and Turf as we called it! Such a masculine meal!

Then after tubs, Thatcher had had too much birthday and was bouncing off the walls. I pulled him aside and said "You're starting to get on my nerves" to which he replied "Nerds...Yum!" We laughed all the way to bed. I'm so glad that he has the patience with me to remind me of his age.

All in all...A Great, carnivorous day!


The Kurtzeborn Family said...

NERDS!! Ok, I am way cracking up right now! Somedays you can't wait for them to grow up and somedays they say things like that and you just want to freeze them! Ok, I'm still laughing. . . . :)

Pedaling said...

that's hilarious.
it's the funniest when you're trying to be straight and stern and they crack you up like that.
Nerds, Nerves, i'll go for the nerds! very funny.

Kami said...

Nerds candy? Oh Thatchy - you are funny! That is a good one!

Anners said...

They keep it real don't they? Your boys are so stinkin' cute! I'm gettting laughs from them each week I see them.

p.s. kudos to Dave (:

Omgirl said...

I love the surf, turf, and turf! Bless his heart.