September 4, 2008

Going in Style on the first day

This was Thatcher's idea on travelin' to school in style for the first day!

And my oh my did he have a great one!

He was reunited with his favorite girl!


Lisa Cannon said...

When did Dave get that? I want a ride :)

What a cool ride to school!

I'm glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

You can't beat that!

Kami said...

How funny! What a lucky little boy to have such a cool Dad! I love the bottom pic of Thatch-man. Too cute!

Shauna said...

Hope Thatch had a good first day. How fun to ride to school like Indiana Jones (like my kids say).

amanda said...

I love that you followed them in.
Now I wanna see you in that side car. That'd be sweet!!

Tiburon said...!!