September 4, 2008

We've got the best neighbors ever!

You may think you do but yours don't hold a candle to mine! Our kids are practically brothers...comfortable enough to just walk into each others kitchens and help themselves... oh wait...that was probably me...sorry Jen!

They have amazing Talents!

And you've gotta love their loyalty!

I'm thankful for those things and so much more because It seems that our kids share a brain some days (well, we're a year behind, but whose counting!)

I'm hoping that Jen will use this mosaic for her Christmas Card this year!

You're wonderin' where they get it?

Like father like sons!

We LOVE you guys!


Kami said...

Such great people The Toblers are. :)

Brooke said...

Don't you love great neighbors! You lucked out having such a great street, I'm envious!

amanda said...

It's so nice to have good neighbors.

Tiburon said...

Good neighbors are the best! I miss having them :)


Shauna said...

The Toblers are good people. So thoughtful and so strong, plus they cheer for the right school, GO UTES!

Tee said...

Except for their school choice, they are such nice neighbors. Jenn could be my neighbor if she would cook for us. YUM!

Debbie said...

Oops. That wasn't Tee, it was me!

Edie said...

Love the tribute to the Toblers. They look great! I hope you find some time for yourself instead of updating the blog :)