October 16, 2008

Tagged by Shauna! Thanks Shaun!

1-Today is Hooky day. Every once and a while my runts and I just need a blow off day!

Thank you, UEA!

2-I can't wait to take my kids back to Disneyland... in about 2 years...withOUT Dave!

3-We just learned that we can scare the crap out of Monster with a scary guy we have out front. (no wonder all our dogs are jumpy!)

4-I received my prize from Tiffany, It was fabulous! I loved every bit! I can tell you that her favorite things from Utah all come from Delaware! WEIRD!?!?!

Tiff, I know how busy you must be, thanks for thinking of me!

5-I LOVE taking pictures of my kids. I mean LOVE. But as I prepare to catch a Christmas card of them all together I feel my heart start pounding and the tension level start raising. We just can't get this right!

6-I LIVE for Christmas cards.....SO, if you've got an extra....my email is one page away...I'd LOVE to swap one with you!

NOW, seein' as I'm a BLACKER (blog slacker) I will probably end up Taggin' some that have already played so just play already and blame me!


Kami said...

Lovin' UEA...it's a chance to party!

I too love D land and Christmas cards.

See ya in a bit!

rachel said...

Let's go to Disneyland together without the hubbies who just ruin the fun anyway :) In a couple years when the girlies can enjoy it too! See you Sunday :)

Shauna said...

I am so in for a girls and kid's Disney trip. Maybe dad's can stay with the little ones and we could take the older kids, YES!

Suzie said...

I'm lovin UEA too!

ANd those photos from last year, HILARIOUS!
I adore Christmas cards, too. I'll be sure to send you one!

Granny said...

Yep! like Hi Beck!! I am so excited that you posted on my blog. Your family is so great. And, I want on the Christmas list too. Tell Shauna to get me the address.

Granny said...

Oh, and remember your family got to go to Disney with me so I get to go with you.