October 18, 2008

Things to Love!

Back when I was a better blogger I had a weekly running 'Things to Love' post. It is SERIOUSLY time to revive that.

1- These last few BEAUTIFUL outside days of the year.

2- The gorgeous colors all around us that are about to come raining down out of their trees.
(I'm going to try my hardest to film said rain, because as you know, I LOVE my tree)

3- Three little sweet stinkers that I'm so lucky to spend my days with.

4- My siblings! Yes, done to death, but mine...seriously. ALWAYS. there. Can Call Kam all hours of the night, Can drive to Shauna's for a 'sanity break' and marvel at how put together they both are! Get to watch T.R. fulfill his dreams (pass tests, rock out and such)!

5- My husband!, who knows how to unclog a kitchen sink for Friday night fun like it's no ones business! Thanks Dave! It's a shame we Had. To. Eat Out again, Huh!


Shauna said...

Dave is a handy man. It is pretty cool that he can do stuff like that. Glad to see "Things to Love" again.

Andrea W. said...

A handy-man husband is something to be grateful for, take it from someone who doesn't have one :) He has other qualities though. Cute post.

Let's do lunch or dinner or whatever sometime!

Tiburon said...

Aww LOVE seeing your Things to Love list!

Spread the love :)

Omgirl said...

There is nothing more valuable in a man than the ability to do various expensive fix-it jobs around the house.

Kami said...

You are one of my things I mean people to love too!

ps. I hope your diamond isn't in there.