November 25, 2007


I have found the best blog! It's called Simply Breakfast.
Go check it out!
Have a great Day!


Debbie said...

OK Becky, I have finally decided to do a blog. I am going to call it "Simply Cocoa Puffs" and feature all the ways one could eat cocoa puffs - like in different bowls and with different spoons and maybe even a fork if one was so inclined. Do you like it?

Debbie said...

I think I just saw you raise your right eyebrow!

Becky said...

The weird thing is...I'm addicted to Simply Breakfast!

Kami said...

Yay, you did it, she finally started her own, way to go! I checked it out and I like it, I love how simple yet new everyday. Is she part of your swappy swap?

Becky said...

Nope, just a product of random stalking! Don't ya love it!?