November 27, 2007

She's the Glue



Where to begin?!! You ARE the glue of our family. Thanks for all the love and support we could have ever asked for! We all love you very much! Have a GREAT Birthday!


Lisa Cannon said...

Did your mom start a blog? I left a comment, but then I didn't know if it was her's or TEEE RRRR's. That is such a cute video of the kiddos! Happy Birthday Debbie!!

Debbie said...

Hi Lisa,
Becky started that cocoa Puff blog. I don't even know how to do it. But thanks for the birthday greeting. I enjoy your blog. Debbie

The Gatherum Family said...

How cute are your kids? Love it. There's noone like a grandma huh?

Kami said...

Avery is going to want to watch this one again and again we she gets home. So cute! I love Tally in the middle just hanging out.

Shauna said...

That video is hilarious! For some reason my kids and I watched it 5 times this morning and laughed everytime. You can tell Thatcher is getting ready to scream at the end.