November 13, 2007


Beck & I have been married 12 years, wow! It is actually tomorrow, but I wanted to beat Beck to the post. Many of you were there to be part of Beck and I falling in love with each other. And, was that not fun or what? It was like Lagoon Day in Junior High, listening to Van Halen’s “PANAMA”. The best part was all the “MAKING OUT”!!!! We would do that anywhere, anytime, and all the time!!!!!!

Twelve years later, here we are with three kids and the struggles life brings. Not enough time to fix the house, bathroom sink, base boards, Bagdad like drive way. I am mid career, sometimes feeling stuck there, with a card that has read "Account Manager" for years. Sometimes it feels like putting pennies together, even though it really is far better. Outstanding expense reports, and a bulging wallet from all the saved receipts. To many phone calls/emails from "needy" clients. My eyes are going bad! Dog with tumors in her nose, more than likely only a few months of life left. My car has massive scratches where someone shut the garage on it, and a dent in the door from a helmet during a scooter accident. Our sweet, sweet boy has seizures that make me cry whenever I think about them (like right now)! I worry about my brothers and sisters, and I would give both my arms to be able to solve all of life’s struggles. I could go on, on, and on, and on…………….

I often ponder the symbolism & inscriptions on the rings I wear. Both rings have worn callous in my hands, and I have scratched & bent them a few times. I have sent them out to be fixed, each time returning shiny and stronger then when they went in, and they still fit! They constantly remind me of where I have been, and the direction in which I point my nose! My wedding ring reads “GOING STEADY FOREVER, 1,4,3” and my kid’s ring reads “YOUR MONKIES LOVE YOU”. Wherever I am, on the road selling, or at home keeping kids from denting my other car door. I know where my heart is; it is in the home we built together! I am completely, head of over heels in love you with you Beck! And, I absolutely love the life we have together!!!!

And, I love you Tag, Thatcher and Talia, forever and always, Dave.

“Twelve years ago today, Beck and I were married. Some of you were there, some of you weren't born, and some of you are now DEED! But, we both said "I do," and we haven't agreed on a single thing since. But I’m glad I married you, Beck, because hey, could’ve been worse”!


The Maughan Family said...

Dave, That was beautiful! Congratulations! It seems like yesterday we were all at Wheeler Farm enjoying the celebration of your marriage! Twelve years! Amazing! I love you guys!

Kat said...
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Becky said...

I love you too, Dave, with all my heart! X O X O

Kami said...

After reading the title of this post, I was so expecting to find a pic that I couldn't handle. But that was so sweet Dave and fun to hear from you. Congratulations Dave & Beck, we love you guys!

Lisa Cannon said...

Congratulations! I can't believe that it has been twelve years! I remember when you guys met on that fateful New Years Eve in downtown SLC!! Great memories!!!! Dave- that was the nicest post about your cute wife! What a GUY!!! (Not really a hard A!@)

Beach Girl said...

12 years!!! Congratulations.

It seems like yesterday I bumped into you country dancing at The Bay while you were dating. Becky came up to me and said, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Dave! The rest is history. What a sweet and thoughtful post.

I do have to say that So I married and Axe Murder is my all time favorite movie.