November 24, 2007

Am I unemployed yet?

As a mother, the goal of your entire existance is to work yourself out of a job. I find myself really struggling with that squiggly line of enough verses too much responsibility for my kids.
Today Dave headed down to this darling little coffee shop at the end of our street. This broke the boys hearts as they had planned on going with him.
SO... I let them walk down without a grown up. They had no streets to cross, their dad was at the end and yet I was filled with worry over their 4 minute walk. After they turned the corner and were out of my site, I called the coffee shop to confirm that they had arrived. (Only for them to begin their usual distruction: spilling hot cocoa, tipping chairs over, accidentally of course, your basic running a-muck.)
Poor Rachael!
So, I ask you mothers out there! What do you think? A 5 year old and a 3 year old that thinks he's 5...How much should they, could they be doing by and for themselves?

This hangs in the coffee shop...Yep, we have a lot of kittens


Debbie said...

Thatcher would "bam" anyone who got in their way. You don't need to worry. But I have been out to dinner with the boys and they aren't the neatest eaters in the restuarant!! Mom

Kami said...

That sign is awesome! Did Dave know they were coming? That is funny - I love the pic of your new friend or should I say your new enemy? :)