November 12, 2007

Yogi in the making

Not to quote Kami, but "Okay, so" I have fallen in love with Yoga. After taking FlowYoga's 101 workshop and now having attended a few other classes, I am hooked! That spot in my (and every other mother's) back where I carry all my tension, is completely eased when I'm done. I almost have Dave trying it too!

So, come join me!


(Which means... I honor that place in you where the whole Universe resides. And when I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, there is only one of us. Isn't that beautiful?!)


Kami said...

To quote my friend Jamie, "I lalalalove" being quoted. So fun! Lets do yoga this weekend for fun.

amanda said...

I am going to my first Yoga class on Wednesday. I am terrified because I can't even touch my toes, but I have heard it is very relaxing. I don't think stretching is....To Be Continued.

Becky said...

Amanda, I am the least flexible person in the class and NO ONE cares! It is SO relaxing! let me know how it goes!
Enjoy, my fellow yogi!

Lisa Cannon said...

I love Yoga and Pilates. They are so great for your body and your mind. Maybe, sometime I will go to one of your classes with you. That would be fun!