November 13, 2007

My Man!

Yep, 12 years and yep, Dave beat me to the post.'s my turn.

Dave, you are my rock. I am somehow grounded when you are with me. I crave you, your arms, your heart and your kisses. This year has been one of our hardest but I truly think we're stronger because of it!

I love how often you call me. I love how much our kids love you and you, them. I love how patient you are with me. I often wonder if your thinking "what word is she on"!?! Thanks for always listening!

Thanks for all the dates, they are my favorite! Thanks for your poetic mind! Thanks for making our house a musical one!

I look forward to that year in a Winnebago! (Sort of!)

Happy Anniversary, I love you and always will!


amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are cute. Hope you have many more "good" years together.
I see you found Ashley's blog. I talked her into it. Now all she needs is hi-speed internet.
And I erased my weight loss post because I didn't want those ugly pictures on the web for too long. You never know who could find them. I'll keep you updated though and I will definitely post my picture when I am a size 6!!!!! (Yeah right, I'll just be happy with a 10)

Lisa Cannon said...

I hope you guys are having a happy anniversary!! What did you guys do to celebrate? We had so much fun with you guys at dinner. We need to do it more often :)

The Gatherum Family said...

K I am a total blog stalker but I have to comment on the last two posts. You guys are so cute and I don't even know you...such sweet posts to each other. I love seeing couples that keep making it gives me hope! Just kidding. Anyways, I am a friend of Kami's from high school so that is how I came across your blog and began being a scary stalker! Hope you don't mind! Adrian Gatherum

TylerTimes said...

You two are an inspiration to all couples! Your posts made me feel guilty for feeling a little down lately. We all have so much to be thankful for..first and foremost our spouses and our own little families! Thanks for sharing such great things and making me think and smile :)