November 5, 2007

Not It!

1-I'm Finnish
2-I like to shine my motorcycle
3-I think my mother-in-law is kind of alright
4-I like to shoe shop
5-I keep my car MESSY!
6-I haven't used a comb in over 6 years

I'm not tagging anyone.


Debbie said...

OK. Do you like to shoe shop for big black shoes that tie? And I think you have the best mother-in-law in the world!

Lisa Cannon said...

What a bad a*%!

Dave the "Flying Finn" said...

Hey Lisa; didn't you mean to say, NICE A**? I will just give you a pre-emtive, Thank You!

Debbie: I do have a great Mother in Law! And, my Little Finns seem to love her a lot too. Any Mother in Law who would help fulfill her Son in Law's life long dream of driving a Combine, is a great one! AAAHHH, you thought I forgot! Do you think that the next time, after that long, long, long, long, long, long drive up to MT, that we could get my Little Finn's on that puppy? Forget the Pizza, when you can drive a Combine!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Dave, I was at Kami's today and looked again at the "Tiny Dancer" Mirror you made Avery and I loved it. You are kind. Debbie

Lisa Cannon said...

Yes, nice a*!, too!!!

Kami said...

Dave you are too funny. P.S. We will always treasure the Tiny Dancer Mirror you crafter you! :)

Debbie said...

Lisa, My word! I mean not literally my word, but MY WORD! Debbie